Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow anyone?

Well here in NW New Jersey we are finally experiencing winter.   Our area was hit with 
30"+ of snow over the weekend, thanks to Jonas.

By the way, when did they begin to name winter storms?

We purchased a plow for our lawn tractor this fall, hoping it would be an insurance policy that we would not get a lot of snow.   HA.....what it did do was insure that my husband's back would not hurt so much after this weekend.

We live in an area of NJ that is farmland and lots of open space. Yes, NJ is not just shoreline.

Neighbors came out and helped neighbors....even though where I live there are only 6 nearby homes.

So here are some photos from what Jonas graced our area with.

our detached garage and the snowscape formed from the winds

snowscape close up

Our great room, taken from detached garage

Taken from outside the great room, looking east.   My finch feeder, I HAD to shovel a path so I 
can add seed.

 Icicles forming as the snow melts.   
Nature is beautiful.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is pretty Thank goodness it was not a heavy wet snow

  2. Lots of the white stuff, looks like a winter wonderland. Blessings Francine.

    1. It always looks like that the day after.......a few days afterwards.....well? LOL

  3. So much snow! Snow drifts and icicles hanging off roofs always fascinate me. :)

    1. Sunday and Monday we had icicles hanging off of icicles ! Nature is wonderful