Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year

I am seriously going to try to be more consistent with blogging in 2016.

But first, I want to THANK all of new and return customers for your support.   Cozy Expressions has been a dream come true for me.

Most of you know that Cozy Expressions is known for its fabric art.   Did you know that we also offer functional copper and wood art as well?

My husband is the talent behind this line.

Here are some of his original creations.

A Farmhouse Serving Tray..... which would look lovely on my dining room table...hint hint  :)

A hanging light, featuring an Edison Light Bulb

And his very popular Copper Pot & Pan Rack.

All are available at 

Pssssst:    Did you know we are also selling on Handmade at Amazon?


  1. That is so wonderful! :)
    Oh cool, you are the first (that I know of) to join Amazon.

  2. Check out the handmade section at is amazing !!

  3. I totally agree that your husband is really talented in making such things. I like that hanging light very much!