Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Angels, Angels and more Angels

As I sat here at my desk this morning,  trying to decide what to write about, I looked over and saw one of my new creations which sparked an idea.  :)

 I don't know why, but I have always been attracted to Angels.  No matter how hard I try to work on something new, when I see an angel pattern I am just drawn to it.  I can go into a store and always wind up where the angels are on display.

My fixation started with Hummelwerk, I have quite a few pieces, but they began to get hard to find.

I then moved on to Lladro.......YES LLADRO!  and of course I just had to have their  Children's Nativity.....each year I would order in sets and wait almost a year to get them.   I wanted them in the matte finish, which was only made once a year if that.  I remember spending $80.00 on each set.  
  They are very carefully packed away right now, but here is what they look like

And then when my daughter came along, she started to buy the Dreamsicles for me.

 Until she got older.......then she bought Willow Tree....

I look at all of them and with each Angel I own, there is definitely sentimental value.

I posted this angel ornament in my Facebook and Etsy stores the other day.  I was shocked to see how many people had viewed it on Facebook.  Lately my hits have not been that large, but this special little girl, certainly caught the eye of the public! 

Maybe, just maybe, Angels will be popular this year....

She is made from stained warm n natural batting, river birch branches, Sweet Annie and sheet music.

Do you collect something specific?  Something that when you look at it, you can remember where it came from?  or does it have sentimental value or a story that goes with it?

Please share it with me  :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Folkart and Primitives

Good Morning All!

I would love to invite all of you to an auction that will be starting tomorrow
October 13th at 9AM on Facebook.   Lucky 13 for some of you I hope.  :)  It is scheduled as a 3 day auction and will end on October 15th at 10PM EST.

If you do not belong to this selling page, please click here to join.

Here are some of the wonderful items that will be up for auction!

Remember to join the selling can browse what is to offered already and get your game plan started.   Yes, :)  I know, its sneaky, but its an AUCTION!!!!! and you want to WIN!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Folkart and Primitives Etsy Team Auction

I am  the proud member of an Etsy team

Folkart and Primitives

After a brief hiatus we are once again hosting an auction on our
Facebook selling page.

 A special photo album will be set up which will hold only the items up for auction, to make it easier on the buyers.

I call it our Lucky 13 Auction, because it will start on 
October 13 and run until October 15,

Please take a few minutes and look at all the talent this team has to offer.

Here is a sample of what Cozy Expressions may be offering  


Have a wonderful week everyone!   I hope to see you at the auction!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Giveaway winner !

Congratulations to 

Joyce Anderson!

Joyce is the winner of our Witch hat bowl filler giveaway on Facebook.

Your bowl fillers were put into the mail today for you.

I want to Thank everyone that participated in this giveaway.   I sincerely appreciate it.

I will be holding a monthly giveaway here and on our Facebook page Cozy Xpressions

So make sure you are following my blog and Facebook page to find out when they will be held.

I also thought I would share a few of my creations from my Etsy store  Cozy Expressions

This is Sammy

He is made from an old pair of jeans.

These are my Gingerfaces.....
arent they just adorable???

I wish you all a wonderful week!!