Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two weeks !!

I just may be jinxing myself here......

but it has been 2, yes 2, did I say TWO weeks

and NO GROUNDHOG to be seen!!

Yup, I have picked zucchini and cucumbers so far.

Tomato plants have tomatos, more zucchini growing, I see green beans too.

Peas are blooming along with eggplant and the green peppers are in abundance.

I even planted a second crop of lettuce.

And my butternut squash vine is HUGE !

Mushroom soil works!! 

I did notice some of my zucchini were starting to turn yellow on the bloom end.......poor pollination.

So I played Mother Nature the other morning.........I will explain that on the next post.

Be well and be happy !!