Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Groundhog update

Well so far so good.

It has been a week and Mr Groundhog has not been seen.  PHEW!  And the garden is growing.

New beans and peas are sprouting up again.   I harvested my spinach as well since is it a cool weather plant.  Cucumbers are growing, tomatoes are appearing and zucchini  :)

We are extremely dry here, to the point they are whispering drought.   :(

I have been watering my garden daily, but the poor plants are still thirsty.   My dear husband hated to see me carry water to the garden so often,  so we decided to purchase some triple shredded mulch.

I watered everything very well and then placed the mulch around the base of each plant, keeping it about 2-3 inches away from the stem itself.     

Last evening a line of much needed rain came through, infact it is still raining this morning.  I was able to fill my rain barrel again which was near empty.   My plants are loving this much needed rain.    More is forecast for this evening.

Tomorrow I will have to reapply the cayenne pepper mixture, fox urine, ammonia and epsom salts. 

Life is good !


  1. Oh yes it will be Charlotte! I love going out and picking veggies that I nurtured. :)