Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We were rolling along

Last week I posted about the groundhog that really got under my skin to say the least.

Things were moving along fine, I had my ammonia rags stuffed into the fence and used (smelly)
cat litter tossed near his burrow and where he had tunneled under the fence.

The Red Fox Urine arrived and very carefully, wearing gloves, I squirted some every 10 feet.   You do not need much as it is concentrated------so they say?  We also have chipmunks running rampant here so I thought, two birds with one stone  :)

I think the chipmunks stood back and laughed at me while squirting the fox urine, which is to be applied every 7-10 days.   LOL

I planted additional sweet peas, pole beans and lettuce.

Fast forward to Father's Day, I went to check my garden and I saw RED again.   The area that I had not sprinkled the used cat litter had a hole dug under the fence.....and yes my lettuce, kale and zucchini leaves were chewed back.....AGAIN!!   I was so mad, he completely destroyed my kale, I pulled out the plant   :(

I do not know how many shades of RED there are but I was every one of them !!  I also feel it was partly my fault because I felt since the fox urine was there, I did not have to use the cat litter for 2 days.

Now, there is cat litter scattered around the length where he favors, I applied Epson Salts all around the perimeter and over the plants as well.  Actually while reading up on Epsom salts I found it is good for the garden.   Hey, that's a two for one!

And I made a concoction of cayenne pepper and water and sprayed it on the leaves of the plants that the groundhog ate, hoping IF he attempts it again, his mouth will burn!!

The only issue with these homemade concoctions, is if it rains, you must reapply once its stops.

And...guess what?..........it is raining..........................



  1. Oh, no....the groundhog is such a predator to a farmer! You are just going to have to find a hunter to help that groundhog "get to groundhog heaven" :(

  2. What an awful pain in the rear end! :( Mr. Groundhog, the garden is not for you!