Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An eye opening experience

I consider any day a good day, if I learn something new.
Some, I am not sure how many, are aware that we sell on a few internet venues.

One very large and well known company opened up a Handmade section last year.   
We were honored to be one of the first to be accepted into Handmade @ Amazon.   We are thrilled with the results.

Yesterday while reading the FB groups on H@A I discovered there was an issue.  There are 2 specific Marketplaces I will chat about today....Sears Marketplace AND DesertCart.ae
Apparently these 2 Marketplace's had programs written that could link to our (and other's) Amazon listings and show them on their sites for sale.   YES.....they actually stole our photographs and our descriptions and increased the prices !  To purchase on Desert Cart,  you had to live in UAE !!

Unfortunately 29 of our items were found DesertCart, non on Sears.  All this was reported to H@A and they have apparently stepped in to correct this issue.  As of this morning our items had been removed.  DesertCart has a Facebook business page and I have to say, it was bombarded yesterday with nothing but negative comments from those that they had stolen from.   

I was raised to be an honest person,  do not cheat anyone because it WILL come back to bite you in the *ss.   Confused, disheartened as to why people do this kind of thing.   Steal from honest working people?  WHY?????  If you would like to carry some of our products contact us, do not STEAL it.

 I am appreciative of all my artist friends that have stepped up and contacted the necessary people to get this straightened out.  H@A legal, H@A IT if this was cleared up because of the steps you had taken, Thank you!  

I have learned a lot yesterday and mostly I learned how the artistic community sticks together to protect and watch out for each other.

I AM blessed to be a part of it. 

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