Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Coffee Grinds Use in your Garden

I recently read something that I felt was interesting.    Years ago I used to put coffee grinds around the base of  my azaleas and rhododendrons to add acid to the soil, making sure it stayed at less than 1/2" to avoid any mold.

But, did you know, you could also use them in your garden?

Work them into the soil of your tomatoes and corn.

Sprinkle them around the soil of your lettuce, beets, beans, broccoli and peas to deter rabbits and squirrels.

On Seedlings.....put coffee grounds into the water you use, it can give them a nice boost of nitrogen.

Pests........mound coffee grounds a couple inches high around an afflicted plant to naturally deter slugs and ants.

Cleaning your hands from garden work..........used coffee grinds make a great deep clean.   They exfoliate and remove smells as well.

Do you have any neat ways you use coffee grinds?    Please share with us  :)


  1. Thank you for this educational post about coffee grounds. I knew they could be used in a compost pile but never realized there were so many other uses in the garden. Thank you.


    1. You are so very welcome Joyce! I hope you can put some of them to good use. HUGS to you and Prudence :)

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