Saturday, January 3, 2015


Its hard to believe we are now writing 2015. many of us actually write now a days? 
Time moves on and we can not stop it nor can we stop the changes.  The best is not to fight it, just go with the flow.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately dealing with Social Media, there are predictions out there that shocked me.   I usually do not believe the first article I read on a specific topic and I investigate further.  It will be interesting for sure, to see if things will come to pass as predicted.

Moving right along, I will share with you some of my new creations, that are for sale in my Etsy shop

This beautiful heart door or wall hanging

Or how about a Winged Heart?

possibly a heart with a little bird sitting on top?

and finally, a hand cut wood heart

I hope you take a few minutes and browse my offerings.

My wish for everyone is to have a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!


  1. Thanks for becoming a new follower and friend! I absolutely love the door/wall hanging!

  2. Hello, I am so delighted to have found your lovely blog. I love all of your creations and I feel honored to have a change to win your Give-A-Way. Please come over to my blog, I am celebrating my three year blogging birthday with my own Give-A-Way.
    Your newest follower,
    Connie :)